World Piano Competition Gold Medalist Alexander Yakovlev

The World Piano Competion Alexander Yakovlev, 2012 WPC Gold Medalist,  at Carnegie Hall. (Photo:

World Piano Competition’s Alexander Yakovlev. (Photo:

World Piano Competition Alexander Yakovlex Gold Medalist at Carnegie Hall’s Zankel Hall

Photographed by Performance Event Photographer Jeffrey Holmes

The World Piano Competition showcased one of their shining stars in Carnegie Hall’s Zankel Hall, Alexander Yakovlev, WPC Gold Medalist in 2012. Now in my second year of capturing the New York performances of the World Piano Competition. These young, classical pianists are the brilliant future

Alexander Yakovlev, was the Gold Medal prize winner at the 2012 World Piano Competition in Cincinnati. Alexander performed his solo recital as part of his Gold Prize package. Alexander Yakovlev was born in Rostov-on-Don, Russia. He has won more than fifty-five 1st place prizes at piano competitions around the world. The World Piano Competition’s mission is to promote and celebrate the art of classical piano music. The WPC offers performance opportunities for pianists from around the world, ranging in age from five to 32. It has been my pleasure to be the performance event photographer for the last three New York performances of WPC winners.

Performance Event Photographer’s Note: Great performance halls like Carnegie Hall or previous concerts at Lincoln Center have strict rules regarding taking pictures during performances. This obviously poses a crucial problem… how can I be an performance event photographer when you can’t photograph during the event? The solution to capturing performance quality photography, I always have just one request. It is that the artist wear their performance attire during their warm up period. I use a Canon 5DM3 on quiet shutter so as not to disturb the artist while they rehearse.


The performance was covered in the News coverage included a photo provided by the performance event photographer Jeffrey Holmes Photography.

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