Tips to hiring the best New York Photographer.

I found this short article at by Kelly Gilliam. Food for thought when needing photos for your business.

The Power of Professional Photography: The Benefits of Hiring a Photographer for Your Business

Having a professional photographer to take care of your photography needs will save time, money, and give you a great product to benefit your business. Every sized business, whether product or service based, can benefit from having photographs taken of their products, services, location, and employees. These can be used in a multitude of ways, including promotional materials – from websites to brochures – as well as having images ready to give to clients and investors when necessary.[ps-gal-flash height=390 width=590][/ps-gal-flash]

Almost everybody now has a digital camera, so what’s stopping any business owner from taking their own photos? However, just because one can take photographs for themselves, doesn’t always mean one should take their own photographs.

A professional photographer above all has experience and knowledge. Technical knowledge of photography, as well as the creative capacity to take a stunning image is all too important to creating a unique image that showcases your business best. Most people don’t do their accounting because of lack of time and knowledge – good photography can be seen much the same. It’s all too important in business to look professional, and poor quality photographs infer poor quality products and services.

Imagine for a moment you’re comparing two new suppliers. Both are similar in products and prices, however one has poor images where the product is hard to see – the other supplier has clear images that display the product well. As a business owner laying down the cash, which company would you be more likely to go with?

Now imagine a customer looking at your products and comparing it with another business. Your images are dark, and don’t show the product or service clearly, while the competition has clear and beautifully laid out photographs. The customer will likely purchase from the competition because they want to know what they’re spending their money on.

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