PENCIL 2010 Gala Awards Dinner

PENCIL's Spring 2010 Gala

PENCIL's Spring 2010 Gala - Step team performers from Gramercy Arts High School

Spring Gala, as photographed by Jeffrey Holmes, hosted more than 700 private sector leaders, educators, and government officials on May 12th to recognize four outstanding Partners who exemplify the trans-formative impact of PENCIL’s network on public schools.

Step team performers from Gramercy Arts High School are among the hundreds of students touched by the school’s Partnership with Norma Kamali, Designer/President of Norma Kamali Inc. and a recipient of PENCIL’s 2010 Partnership Award with Principal Denise DiCarlo. Students Jakai Wade of Global Technology Preparatory and Larry Castellanos of the Talented & Gifted School introduced the 2010 Corporate Partner Award to CA, Inc. The award was accepted by the company’s CEO, William E. McCracken. Founding Principal Talana Bradley of the Young Women’s Leadership School discusses how her PENCIL Partnership with independent consultant Jayun Kim has helped her increase school capacity and enhance her personal leadership skills.

Jeffrey Holmes is a great New York event photographer and covers events for PENCIL as well as other non-profits in New York City.

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