Naftali Bennett at IDS (Photos by New York event photographer Jeffrey Holmes)

Israeli entrepreneurs, government and business leaders gathered for the Israel Dealmakers Summit. Photos by New York event photographer Jeffrey Holmes.

Israel Minister of Economy, Naftali Bennett, was the featured keynote speaker ending the first day of the Israel Dealmakers Summit. Bennet’s speech included the following quotes (Photos by New York event photographer Jeffrey Holmes):

  • “When you collaborate with an Israeli company, it’s like taking a shot of innovation.” “Everyone around us with ideas, whether in Tel Aviv or Herzliya, but do not grow by big companies. We’re not good at it and there is a lot of criticism on the subject but I’m so not sure it’s that bad.”
  • “The Israeli advantage is not a refractory large company but we are good at innovation. When you collaborate with an Israeli company, it’s like taking a shot of innovation and that’s great added value.”… “Yes, Israelis will not give you a complete sentence or even get out of the elevator before they enter it, but when you collaborate with Israeli companies you not only get a product but continuous innovation.”
  • “Israeli companies are not looking for just one transaction but regularly understand the needs of international society and how to work with and will do anything to undermine that goal.’s Exactly like I did learn how to take control of the plane – if you can not get through the door or window, then try through the roof. The advantage of Israeli companies – you tell them what you need and have been catering to the work.”
  • Bennett spoke of making Beersheba the capital of the cyberworld and how they produce true innovation. “We brought a high-tech park in Be’er Sheva in 4 sectors where one has an intelligence unit which has young talent from the university. There are technology companies and venture capital funds. Imagine what lunch looks like lunch there. On one side sits a young soldier from Modiin, while the young programmer from the Graduate University. Good things can happen in this conversation – and I’m not just talking about marriage. Innovation is not something you can demand or pass legislation forcing companies to produce innovation. This happens because of the interaction between people.”


    Naftali Bennett-Israel Minister of Economy delivers keynote at Israel Dealmakers Summit. (Photo:

The annual meeting, organized by Landmark Ventures, in New York, brought together leaders of start-ups, Israeli entrepreneurs, leading fund managers and prominent investors in the U.S.. New York event photographer Jeffrey Holmes was tasked with the responsibility of capturing dynamic images of Israel Minister of Economy, Naftali Bennett’s delivery of his keynote speech.  Photos from the event were disseminated to international media, used for future marketing as well as archival corporate photography.

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