“Investing in Green” Slovenia Strategic Business Forum in New York

Business leaders in New York City attend presentations by Slovenian companies and government agencies. Hosted by H.E. Borut Pahor, Prime Minister of the Republic of Slovenia, H.E. Samuel Zbogar, Foreign Minister Republic of Slovenia, Dr. Melita Gabric-Consul General ai. of Slovenia to New York and the Manhattan Chamber of Commerce. (Click on Image to right to view Photo Gallery)

Republic of Slovenia Prime Minister, H.E. Borut Pahor

Republic of Slovenia Prime Minister, H.E. Borut Pahor greets guests at Investing in Green: Strategic Business Forum

Welcoming addresses were delivered by Dr. Melita Gabric, Consul General ai. of Slovenia to New York and Mr. Jeffrey Bernstein, Chairman of the Manhattan Chamber of Commerce A statement was delivered by President and Chief Executive Officer, Xerox CSM.  H.E. Samuel Žbogar, Foreign Minister of the Republic of Slovenia introduced the Prime Minister. The Opening address delivered by H.E. Borut Pahor, Prime Minister of the Republic of Slovenia.

The forum also included a Presentation of the Slovenian business environment by the Public Agency of the Republic of Slovenia for Entrepreneurship and Foreign Investments Presentation of Slovenian companies by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia

Forum Panels:

Financing Green Technology: Green technology, a fast-growing segment of the economy, reinforces innovation as well as a variety of business models and financing mechanisms. Sources of funding available to help grow green technology businesses, support start-ups and help deploy emerging technologies were discussed. Financing challenges and opportunities were presented to green-tech companies. Moderator: Carl Lavin, Forbes Magazine; Felicidad Cristobal,  Managing Director of Arcelor Mittal Foundation; Jim Gallagher, Head of Energy Policy Group at the New York City Economic Development Corporation; Ann Kayman, CEO, the New York Grant Company; Diana Propeer de Cellejon, General Partner of Expansion Capital Partners.

Ecologically-friendly building for long-term urban sustainability: The environmental consequences of urban growth are considerable. Development of green buildings and renewable sources of energy address some of the challenges presented by urbanization. What green-tech solutions are available and how can they be incorporated in the existing models of urbanization?
Moderator: Debra D’Agostino, Managing Editor, Business Research & Publishing, Economist Intelligence Unit; Joseph Fuller, Chief Executive Officer, Monitor Group; Bostjan Jevsek, Director of Strategic Projects, Trimo, Slovenia; Mark Minevich, Principal Strategist, Going Global Ventures; Janez Skrabec, Chief Executive Officer of Riko Group, Slovenia.

Development of Clean Technologies as a Business Opportunity: Green technology and related business models strive to achieve competitive returns while providing sustainable solutions to global challenges. What are the benefits and challenges that enterprises face when combining social responsibility with business opportunity? How do, or should, industrial policies contribute to developing green techs? Moderator: Stephanie Mehta,  Executive Editor, Fortune Magazine; Dr. Uros Merc, Chief Executive Officer of Bisol, Slovenia; Jana Hudernik, Head of Strategic Planning, Keter Group, Slovenia; Amit Srivastava, Managing Partner,  Entrepia Venture Fund; Marko Svetina, Chief Executive Officer of Inea, Slovenia.

A Reception in Honor of H.E. Borut Pahor, Prime Minister of the Republic of Slovenia was held at the end of the program.

The Investing in Green Technology Strategic Business Forum was photographed by Jeffrey Holmes at the 3 West Club in New York, NY on September 24, 2010.

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